How to Connect Directly With the Divine: A free course from my friend Andrew Harvey

I want to recommend the new virtual class that my friend and colleague, Andrew Harvey is offering through the Shift Network.

On Saturday, May 20, Andrew will present a free online workshop: How to Connect Directly With the Divine: Mystical Principles & Practices to Access the Love, Wisdom and Sacred Energies of the Universe.

Discover more and reserve your FREE access pass here (a recording will be provided to all registered participants):

I had been familiar with Andrew’s work long before I met him or had experienced him in full teacher mode.

His two memoirs Journey in Ladakh and Hidden Journey rank among the best of spiritual autobiography. I was introduced to the ecstatic poetry of Rumi through Andrew’s stunning re-creations. Dialogues with a Modern Mystic which records conversations Andrew had with our mutual good friend, Mark Matousek remains as fresh, challenging and inspiring as when it was published in 1994.

I finally had the opportunity to meet Andrew in person in 2000 when I was sent to Las Vegas to interview him for a magazine article prior to the publication of “The Direct Path: Creating a Journey to the Divine Using the World’s Mystical Traditions.” As I wrote in the article, “Harvey doesn’t just enter a room, his energy illuminates it.”

Still, I wasn’t prepared for the experience of being in Andrew’s orbit when he is teaching. Andrew’s teaching casts a hypnotic, healing spell.

“Get up and walk! Dance! Make a difference with your life!”

The closest I can come to describing him is to say that Andrew is the teaching equivalent of the Sufi whirling dervish whose relationship with the Divine is so intimate and so passionate that you can’t be in its presence without becoming part of the dance.

By all means take advantage of this free introduction to Andrew’s wisdom!

Register now for free here:

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