Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a relationship in which the director assists you in the discovery of who you are called to become in fidelity to the inmost desires of your heart. It is a tool for cultivating your ability to recognize the voice of spirit and develop the faith and courage to follow it fully and freely.

If therapy addresses the question, “Who am I?” then spiritual direction addresses “Why am I here?”

Spiritual direction serves the person who is ready to step into the challenging exploration of “What does God/Spirit/the Universe expect from me? How may I best use my individual talents?”

  “Joy is the spiritual practice of embracing life on life’s terms.
A healthy spirit takes play seriously and is playful in the presence of the serious.”
–Jim Curtan

Archetypal Consulting

“Your archetypes are the guides on this path of realization—-twelve lifelong companions that show you the pitfalls and the greatness along the road to deep inner joy. In understanding them, you gain a perspective that stokes your creative fire, enlivens your relationships, increases your vitality, and deepens your spirituality.”
— Caroline Myss

An archetypal consultant is a companion and guide who assists the clients in defining and interpreting the archetypal patterns that influence our daily lives.

Archetypes are universal energy patterns which ‘play out’ in our lives. These patterns repeat themselves whether we are conscious of them or not. Identifying our dominant archetypal patterns along with their light and shadow aspects provides profound insight into both our own lives and our personal and professional relationships.

Each of us is ‘living a story.’ Sometimes it’s a story we have created for ourselves; frequently it is a story that has been told to us by others which we’ve incorporated as our own and accepted as true without every really examining it.

All too often, the biases of our culture encourage the voice of the Victim or Wounded Child to become the default narrator and our stories are reduced to histories of our wounds and limitations. Such distorted perspectives keep us from embracing the transforming possibilities that exist only in the present.

The 12-archetype template introduced in Caroline Myss’s seminal work, “Sacred Contracts” is a liberating tool that allows us to examine our history from twelve different points of view. Weaving these twelve perspectives together, frees us to see our lives symbolically and cultivate a fresh, inspiring spiritual narrative with which to meet life’s choices and challenges.