The Archetypal Case for Hillary Clinton



“So why is Clinton critiqued for raising her voice like Sanders, speaking hard truths like Biden, and making an awkward Pokémon Go reference we almost certainly would have dubbed a “dad joke” had Kaine said it? Why do we find their flaws likable and Clinton’s flaws off-putting? Why isn’t she seen as America’s awkward aunt or nerdy stepmom? I would argue it’s because we don’t yet have cultural touchstones for flawed but sympathetic women. We can recognize Sanders as a fiery activist, Biden as a truth teller, and Kaine as an earnest goof, but we just don’t have an archetype—fictional or otherwise—through which to understand Clinton.”    – Caroline Siede

After the primaries were over and the Democratic Convention had ended, several friends were disillusioned, bitter and, sometimes, inconsolable that Senator Bernie Sanders had lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This led me to explore the archetypal patterns of Sanders. Only later did it develop into a study of Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s archetypal make-up. (I will cover Trump’s archetypes in a separate piece.)

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