Workshop Catalog

Jim has a catalog of workshops and courses that he is available to deliver to your group or organization.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop or have questions please contact him for more information. Most workshops are held as 2 to 3 day retreats.

Cultivating Spiritual Discernment for Tumultuous Times
In every choice we have the option of submitting to chaos or responding to grace. This workshop examines both the power and peril of choice.

Speaking Archetypes Fluently
An Archetypal Intensive

The Archetypal Matrix
A Master Class in Seeing Symbolically

Archetypes & the Art of Spiritual Discernment

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Off To See The Wizard

Eyes & Hearts Wide Open: Cultivating the Power of Archetypal Perception

Emerging Myths and Archetypal Patterns in Contemporary Cinema

Discovering The Grace In Chaos
A Spiritual Journey through the Three Columns of Sacred Contracts

The Filmmakers Guide to Archetypes
A Weekend Workshop Essential For Anyone In the Business of Making Movies