Archetypes & the Art of Spiritual Discernment

Archetypes & the Art of Spiritual Discernment

Another_NameIn this stress-filled, multi-tasking world we are constantly bombarded with false choices offering easy solutions and quick fixes. Almost invariably these options appeal to either our ego or our survival instincts. They nei- ther invite nor encourage the careful reflection needed to evaluate the guidance being given.
Spiritual discernment is the art of recognizing, in each choice, the presence of intuitive (Divine) guidance. Reflective choices empower the seeker to live a more congruent life by moving him/her in the direction of further integration, authenticity and liberation.

The dominant archetypal patterns in our lives provide a support system designed to remind us of our talents, our passions, life patterns, and help guide us toward the realization of our deepest desires.

This workshop is designed to increase our awareness of the temptations and graces characteristic of each archetypal pattern and to develop our skills in making choices in response to the graces rather than to be misled by the temptations.

Topics covered :

  • Understanding the spiritual challenge of each of the four survival archetypes.
  • Managing the energies of the four survival archetypes as the foundation for building a spiritual life.
  • Increasing our awareness of the graces and temptations characteristic of each archetypal pattern.
  • Detecting the difference between the intuitive guidance and ego seduction of the interior archetypal voices.
  • Developing our skills in making choices in response to the graces of the archetypes rather than be misled by their temptations.
  • Using the archetypes as a tool for contemplation.

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