Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Consciously or unconsciously, each of us is living a story. Sometimes it’s a story we tell ourselves, frequently it is a story that has been told to us and we’ve incorporated it as our own and accepted it as true without every examining it. Too often, the biases of our culture encourage the voice of the Victim or Wounded Child to be the dominant narrator and the stories become report cards of our wounds and limitations. Such perspectives limit our choices and keep us from embracing the transforming possibilities that exist only in the present.

YouComeToGodTaking conscious ownership of our stories and carefully examining them frees us to cultivate an inspiring spiritual narrative with which to embrace life’s choices and challenges. Spend a weekend exploring the ways in which fresh archetypal narratives can illuminate the events of our pasts, heal our perceptions of self and others and uncover new direction for our lives.

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