Cultivating Spiritual Discernment for Tumultuous Times

A one of a kind weekend retreat workshop.
Where: Birmingham, England
When: June 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2014
Tuition: £799  GBP
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*This small group retreat is nearly booked but there are a few seats still available!
For more information and to register contact: Geraldine Sheehy

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We live in tumultuous times. Whether this is a curse or a blessing depends on our capacity to cultivate resilience and maintain balance with spiritual discernment.
Grace_or-Chaos_choiceIn a time when unpredictable, unthinkable and instantaneous change is happening on a personal, communal and global levels, developing the ability to interpret the signs of the times with spiritual discernment is essential.

Attempting to read the signs of the times through the literal lens of tribal consciousness or the subjective lens of the ego ends in misinterpretation and movement away from our spiritual center. These signs can only be understood through the spiritual lenses of grace and detachment.

This weekend retreat will use film, lecture and wisdom from contemporary and classic spiritual teachers and, most important, discussion and reflective exercises to cultivate spiritual discernment, intuitive guidance and resilience.

“Discernment is not one discrete act in the spiritual life, but rather the whole spiritual endeavor.” ~ Ernest Larkin

The weekend workshop retreat includes:

  • A thorough review of the Three Columns of Consciousness* and how we can use it to respond to the gifts and challenges of our own lives.
  • Practice in listening to and recognizing the distinct vocabularies of the Three Columns –– literal, personal and subjective, and trans-personal and symbolic.
  • Exercises in the use of the Three Columns in discerning the authenticity of our intuitive guidance.
  • Understanding and managing the challenges and graces of the four survival archetypes* common to everyone.
  • Emphasis on Symbolic Language and the value of myth, personal story telling and metaphor in seeing and responding from a Third Column perspective.
  • Transforming old narratives by uncovering the grace in wounds.
  • Exploration of the elements of congruent choice, the difference between reactive choice and responsible choice.
  • Re-framing chaos by learning to embrace paradox.

“God reveals Himself in the middle of conflict and contradictions – and we want to find Him outside of all contradiction.” – Thomas Merton

* The model of the Three Columns of Consciousness has been developed from material introduced by Caroline Myss in the book, “Sacred Contracts.” It is not necessary to be familiar with “Sacred Contracts” or archetypes to fully participate in and benefit from this workshop.

For more information and to register contact: Geraldine Sheehy