Discovering The Grace In Chaos

Discovering The Grace In Chaos
A Spiritual Journey through the Three Columns of Sacred Contracts

GraceInChaos_JimCurtanEvery choice is a spiritual choice, leading either towards integration and authenticity or fragmentation and Chaos. In every choice we have the option of reacting to Chaos or responding to Grace. In chaotic times it is easy to lose consciousness of the presence of Grace. During this workshop, Jim Curtan will utilize the rich, valuable resources of Caroline Myss’s work, ““Sacred Contracts””. Using the Three Columns of “Sacred Contracts”, Jim Curtan will explore the tension between our perception of Chaos and the presence of Grace.

The workshop will use film lecture, discussion and reflective exercises to examine in depth the power of the Three Columns to serve as a template for discernment.

The weekend workshop retreat is designed to include:

  • A thorough review of the Three Columns
  • Practice in listening to and recognizing the distinct vocabularies of the Three Columns –– literal, personal and subjective, and trans-personal and symbolic
  • Emphasis on Symbolic Language and the value of myth and metaphor in seeing and responding from a Third Column perspective
  • Exercises in the use of the Three Columns in discerning the authenticity of inner guidance
  • Exploration of the elements of congruent choice, the difference between reactive choice and responsible choice, and the power of paradoxical choice

Contact Jim for more information or to book a workshop in your area.

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