Eyes & Hearts Wide Open

Eyes & Hearts Wide Open: Cultivating the Power of Archetypal Perception

A weekend of Sacred Space where you enter the world of movies and awaken your imagination to symbolic sight.

Are you ready to ask the question, What is the Meaning?? Instead of What is the Matter with any situation in your life.

EyesAndHeartsFilm is the most popular universal form of entertainment. Good films, however, are much more than simple escapism. They can awaken our imaginations and challenge our spirits. They have the power to guide us, and inspire us if we have ears to listen and eyes to see. Spend an entertaining and enlightening weekend awakening your innate capacity for symbolic sight. Explore the mysterious ability that great films have to illuminate the landscape of our souls and let fresh light shine in.

Spend a weekend with like minded people, watching movies symbolically, eating popcorn, sharing your experience and inspiring one another.

Contact Jim for more information or to book a workshop in your area.