Filmmakers Guide to Archetypes

The Filmmakers Guide to Archetypes
A Weekend Workshop Essential For Anyone In the Business of Making Movies

FilmmakersGuide_JimCurtanThe Filmmakers Guide To Archetypes is a 2-day interactive seminar designed for those working in the entertainment industry, on either the creative or the business side. Using film clips and other real-world examples, instructor Jim Curtan will show you how to interpret your characters, your clients, and yourself using basic archetypes – and how applying these techniques can help you improve your business and your career, while communicating more successfully with others in the industry.

Learn the Language of Archetypes to Ignite Your Creativity & Your Business


Archetypes are an essential element in the common language of the creative process. Understanding archetypes gives you the tools to animate characters, bring their energy to life, and break down their unique essence in a productive way. Understanding archetypes and how they affect the art of storytelling will help you clearly exchange ideas and skillfully navigate your given field more effectively.


ACTORS: Gain insight into your personal archetypal characteristics and how this knowledge can improve your auditions and positively affect the roles you receive. Why are you right for some roles and not for others? How can you use what is unique about you to your advantage in every audition?

CASTING DIRECTORS: Facilitate the story vision by merging the character archetypes implied by the writer with the correct cast selection. Why do certain actors “fit” in certain parts? How can you make casting easier by defining the intended archetypes?

AGENTS: Identify the best roles for your clients based on their archetypes and learn to pick projects based on their archetypal contracts. How do I know if a project is right for my client? How can I use my time more wisely by seeking only material that is perfectly in line with my client’s unique archetypal characteristics?

MANAGERS: Identify the right career moves for your clients based on their archetypes and guide them to career success without career missteps. How can I accurately market my clients to put them on the right career path? How can I use archetypes to avoid career suicide for my clients?

PUBLICISTS: Understand how to use your clients’ archetypes correctly for more effective promotion. Learn why some campaigns work and others do not. What does the public inherently accept about my clients based on their archetypal makeup? What are the pitfalls of violating my clients’ archetypal contracts?

DIRECTORS: Learn to tell a more compelling story by using archetypes to define and highlight each character arc. How do ensure my film builds from beginning to end? How do I guarantee that each precious moment on screen is moving my story forward?

PRODUCERS: Understand at the base level what makes your film work by applying the creative science of archetypes with confidence. How can I make certain that my films connect with the audience? How do I know we are hiring the right cast?

SCREENWRITERS: Learn to identify and define character archetypes and how they affect the art of storytelling. How do you make all of your characters more believable and engaging? How do you keep your storyline compelling, while building each character arc?

Contact Jim  for more information or to book a workshop in your area.

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