Speaking Archetypes Fluently

Speaking Archetypes Fluently
An Archetypal Intensive

An audio recording of this course taught in April 2014 at the Solstice Healing Arts Center is available to purchase.

This intensive is created for CMED students but is open to anyone. Recommended pre-work is Caroline Myss’s “Sacred Contracts”, book or CD (available through the CMED website) or the online Sacred Contracts course, of which Jim is a contributing author.  The purpose of this course is to increase your confidence and expertise in identifying and defining archetypal characteristics and patterns and to sharpen your ability to communicate this information in a manner that is accessible to your clients and students.

The class is designed so that each participant can:

  • Develop a creative and more nuanced understanding of the light and shadow aspects of the archetypes.
  • Learn how to refine and customize archetypes for yourself and your clients.
  • Develop your skill in reading archetypal signals and recognizing archetypal voices, vocabularies and body-language.
  • Chart the relationships and interconnectedness of families of archetypes and their evolution from parent archetypes.
  • Learn the relationship of culture-specific archetypes to universal archetypes.
  • Explore relationships between archetypal allies.Learn how to look for a single overlaying archetype that connects the 12 individual archetypes on a chart.
  • Use Archetypal stories- Moses, the Wizard of Oz, Helen Keller, Harry Potter, Auntie Mame, Titanic, the DaVinci Code, Pollyanna, etc. to refine the interpretation of charts.
  • Interact with the whole class and in small groups using exercises designed to stimulate your imagination and move you into richer experiential encounters with the archetypes


Contact Jim for more information or to book a workshop in your area.